Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dump Error while filling the set up table

Dump error while filling the Setup table  
I am trying to fill the setup table.While filling the stup table for 2lis_03_BF datasource, i got the Dump error after some time. I have checked the data in Setup table and found 9000 records.

Shall i proceed further by pulling the data from R/3 to BW.I have checked the data in RSA3 and got some data.

Shall i schedule the data from BW side.
I have checked the TCODE SM37 and found no jobs are available. I have checked the TCODE : NPRT and found some logs.In this, it is not showing any errors.

I have checked in SM21 and found some errors.


17:08:10____________Transaction Canceled M2 630 ( )
17:23:47____________Run-time error "TIME_OUT" occurred
17:23:47____________> Short dump "090302 172347 sand1_W2 2_00 " generated
17:30:08____________Status: 80% of IL00.DAT is in use
17:30:17____________Status: 90% of IL00.DAT is in use
17:30:18____________Overflow of Paging File (032768 Blocks)
17:30:18____________Run-time error "MEMORY_NO_MORE_PAGING" occurred
17:30:19____________> Short dump "090302 173018 sand1_W2 2_00 " generated

Shall i execute filling the setup table again. Do i need to give termination time More ( 2 Hrs difference)

Any issue on refilling the setup table again.

Do like...
1. Take Down time in ECC, lock all users.
2. Load setup tables from 01.03.2009 to 02.03.2009, then load to BW with Init.
3. You Compress the requst.
4. Repeat the 2 step for BX and UM also.
5. You Compress the requst.
6. Then delete setup tables.
7. Then give selctions for historical data and fill setuptable and load Full loads to BW, after completing
all Full loads, then set the Delta.

Note: Don't forget compressing the rquests in Cube.Before start this process, Delete Q in SMQ1, RSA7,if it is Production, please be careful.

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