Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Basic Modeling Steps

These steps should be understood as a general approach. To what extent they must be carried out dependson the actual situation and the experience of the project members involved.
After deciding on the business process being dealt with, the basic steps to implementing a BI based solution are:
1. Focus on the structure of informationDevelop a complete understanding of the underlying business processes. Create an Entity RelationshipModel (ERM) of the business process?? The ERM as a function of the information
2. Focus on analytical needs - Overcome model complexityCreate a valid data model. Translate the ERM to the Multi-Dimensional Model (MDM) / Star schema?? The MDM as a function of the analytical processing
3. Build the solution as a part of an integrated data warehouseThe Star schema on the BI stage are the InfoCubes. Translate the MDM / Star schema to one or moreInfoCube.

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