Tuesday, November 9, 2010

BW Statistics

Technical name: 0BWTC_C02

The BW Statistics – OLAP InfoCube contains the data that is generated as a result of executing the queries. The reporting authorizes for this InfoCube, for example, how often certain InfoCubes or queries are used. In addition, detailed information is available for runtimes and data volume, for example.

InfoSources are automatically installed when transferring the technical content. The name of the particular InfoSource corresponds to that of the selected InfoCube.


  1. 0TCTIFCUBE ----- InfoCube
  2. 0TCTNAVSTP ----- Navigation Step (current numbers within the session)
  3. 0TCTOLAPRD ----- OLAP Reading On / Off
  4. 0TCTRTIMEC ----- Runtime Category (1, 2, 3, 10, 20, 30, Seconds)
  5. 0TCTSYSID ----- BW System
  6. 0TCTUSERNM ----- User
  7. 0TCTOLAPACT ----- OLAP Processor Method
  8. 0TCTNAVUID ----- Navigation Step (GUID)
  9. 0TCTSESUID ----- Front-end Session (GUID)
  10. 0TCTSTAUID ----- Statistical Data (GUID)
  11. 0TCTOBJVERS ----- Object Version (for example, 0TCTIFCUBE)
  12. 0TCTDBSELTP ----- Type of Data Read
  13. 0TCTTIMSTMP ---- UTC Time Stamp
  14. 0TIME ----- Time
  15. 0TCTQUERY ----- Query

For the characteristics OLAP Processor Method (0TCTOLAPACT) and Type of Data Read (0TCTDBSELTP), both of the different fixed values are possible. You can find additional information under OLAP Processor Method and Type of Data Read.

Time Characteristics

  1. 0CALDAY -----Calendar Day
  2. 0CALYEAR -----Calendar Year
  3. 0CALMONTH -----Calendar Year / Month
  4. 0CALQUARTER -----Calendar Year / Quarter
  5. 0CALWEEK -----Calendar Year / Week

Key Figures

  1. 0TCTSDATE -----Start Date
  2. 0TCTSTAUIK -----Frequency
  3. 0TCTSTIMEK -----Start Time
  4. 0TCTDBSCTR -----Number of Database Selects
  5. 0TCTNAVCTR -----Number of Navigations
  6. 0TCTSESCTR -----Number of Front-end Sessions
  7. 0TCTCHAVRD -----Number of Texts Read
  8. 0TCTNCELLS -----Cells Transferred to the Front-end
  9. 0TCTNDBSEL -----Records Selected on the Database
  10. 0TCTNDBTRA -----Records transferred from the Database to the Server
  11. 0TCTNODBOBS -----ODBO: Size of the Internal Buffer
  12. 0TCTNODBOCA -----ODBO: External Calls for the Function Module
  13. 0TCTNOLAPAL -----Total (OLAP)
  14. 0TCTNOLARD -----Read Cycles (Fetch) OLAP Processor
  15. 0TCTNRANGS -----Formatting Transferred to the Front-end
  16. 0TCTNTEXTS -----Number of Texts Read
  17. 0TCTTAUTH -----Time, Authorization Check
  18. 0TCTTDBRD -----Time, Reading on the Database
  19. 0TCTTDMCACC -----Time, Data Manager InfoCube Access
  20. 0TCTTDMDBB -----Time, Data Manager Reading from Basic Cube
  21. 0TCTTDMDBO -----Time, Data Manager Reading from ODS
  22. 0TCTTDMDBR -----Time, Data Manager Reading from Remote Cube
  23. 0TCTTDMNCUM -----Time, Data Manager Authorizations for Non-Cumulative
  24. 0TCTTDMRSID -----Time, Data Manager Determining SIDs for Remote Cube
  25. 0TCTTFRONT -----Time, Front-end
  26. 0TCTTNAVIG -----Time between Navigation Steps
  27. 0TCTTODBOAL -----Time, General ODBO
  28. 0TCTTODBOAX -----Time, ODBO: Axes Preparation
  29. 0TCTTODBODA -----Time, ODBO: Data Records Preparation
  30. 0TCTTODBOFL -----Time, ODBO: Conversion into Flat Table Form
  31. 0TCTTODBOIN -----Time, ODBO: Initialization
  32. 0TCTTODBORE -----Time, ODBO: Data Requests
  33. 0TCTTOLAPAL -----Total Time (OLAP)
  34. 0TCTTOLINI -----Time, OLAP Processor Initialization
  35. 0TCTTRDMDA -----Time, Reading Texts/Master Data
  36. 0TCTTREST -----Time That the System Was Unable to Assign
  37. 0TCTTVARDP -----Time, Inputting Variables
  38. 0TCTTOLAP -----Time, OLAP Processor

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