Thursday, November 11, 2010

Performance Issues in SAP BI/BW

performance can be Reporting Performance, Load Performance or General Performance.

For improving Report Performance
-Create Aggregates on Infocubes
-Use OLAP Cache for buffering the query result to reduce burden on database
-Pre-caliculated Web templates helps to distribute workload of running report to off-peak hours and can have report result set ready for very fast access to data.
-Use small amount of result data as starting point of any queries and do the drill down
-Avoid reporting on ODS
-If you use exclusion in reporting (<>), the indices are not used, so avoid using the exclusion but use inclusion.
-Use read mode "read when navigating and expanding the hierarchies"
-Use compression of infocube since the E table is optimized for queries
-Create additional indexes at manage data target - performance tab
-Run DB Statistics often
for improving Load Performance
-Check the ABAP Coding at transfer and update rules this would make performance slow
-Keep available of more dialog processes available and do load balance to different servers
-Indexes on source tables
-Use fixed lengh files if you load data from a flat files and put the files on the application server
-Prefer to use SAP delivered standard extractors
-Use PSA and Datatarget parallel option in the infopackage load settings
-Start several infopackages parallel with different selection options
-load master data before loading transaction data

For improving General Performance
-Archieve and delete the old data
-Use line item dimensions for large data
-Use BW statistics cube to monitor the performance
-If you are not going to use ODS for reporting desable the Bex reporting flag

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