Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Return code for transportation

hi i have done transportation in sap bi/bw it sucessfully completed for se10 after that i have to see return code where i see that return code i think that se03 tcode what is the useful for se03 tcode and what's the purpose of return code kindly explain me briefly about return code and transportation also.

 Once your request is released to the next landscape, the log for that particular request appears in SE09.

Give the request name in the Display request option that you have and click the log for that particular request

You will get the step upto "Method execution", there the return code value will be displayed.

Once the request is realeased you may see logs in SE09/SE10 or SE03.
If the transprt request is transproted successfully you may see the step Method execution successful.

You may check the TR queue as well at STMS. In that for particular system queue you may see thataus as green/red for your TR.

Transportation is moving created objects with the landscape that is create the objects in Dev and collect it in the Request which can be move across the landsacpe.

Return codes are nothing but the status of the transport request which is moved to target. It can endup with warnings ( Return code = 4) or successful ( return code = 0) or errors ( return code = 8). It is to identify whether the changes has been moved to the target system successfully or not.

SE03 is the transport organizeris the tool to display request type and request status.

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    The transport control program tp collects all return codes that occur when a tp command is executed. From all of these single return codes, a combined return code is calculated that tp outputs as a result at the end the command. Thanks a lot!

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