Tuesday, November 9, 2010

customer support keyfigures for FS

# Can BW TS be completed? Description Notes Ref
1 n/a Is Profit Centre required for StBC AR reporting? Not required
2 n KPIs 6, 7, 114 - Which field on the customer will be used to represent 'self billing'? KNVV-ZZSBTI_FLG. Only required for UK. New field requires an StBC RICEF which is not yet written or approved https://sww-knowledge.shell.com/knowhow/livelink.exe?func=ll&objId=40256850&objAction=Open
3 n/a Which R/3 field should we use for the Tax amount on AR items? BSEG DMBTR - no longer required
4 y Re KPI 7 - check BW logic - Count of 0AC_DOC_NO restricted by 0AC_DOC_TYP = RV and 0DEBITOR = 'self billing' and 0REASON_CDE = 'discrepancy' Count of 0AC_DOC_NO restricted by 0AC_DOC_TYP = DZ and 0DEBITOR = 'self billing' and 0REASON_CDE = Z01 (Part Payment)
5 y Is unapplied cash required for KPIs 10000, 1003 and 1001? If so how can we identify it in PCA? G/L account - 2940003- Unallocated account. https://sww-knowledge.shell.com/knowhow/livelink.exe?func=ll&objId=40234176&objAction=Open
6 y Re KPI 1002. How can we identify movement in general and specific provisions in PCA? Balance sheet accounts in G/L 2390000 Provision for Doubtful Debts - General
2390100 Provision for Doubtful Debts - Specific
7 y Which values for VBRK-FKART will represent 'original' documents? ZF2, ZIV, ZF8, ZF5, ZLR, ZB1, ZB3, ZEX https://sww-knowledge.shell.com/knowhow/livelink.exe?func=ll&objId=37084789&objAction=browse&sort=name
8 y Which values for VBRK-FKART will represent 'correcting' documents? ZIG, ZIGS, ZS1, ZLRS, ZIVS, ZLG, ZS2, ZG2, ZL2, ZRE, ZRC, ZOA, ZCRC, ZDRD https://sww-knowledge.shell.com/knowhow/livelink.exe?func=ll&objId=37084789&objAction=browse&sort=name
9 y Correct values for  0PYMT_METH for KPIs 23-28 and 1005 1 Incoming - Cheque
2 Incoming - Direct debit
3 Incoming - Bank Transfer
4 Incoming - Cash
5 Incoming - Lockbox
6 Incoming - Credit Card
7 Incoming - Letter Of Credit
8 Incoming - Bill Of Exchange
9 Incoming – Payment Demand
10 y KPIs 10 and 11 - correct values for 0DOC_TYPE for credit and debit notes ZL2 - Debit Memo
ZG2 - Credit Memo

11 n KPI 8 which values to restrict 0USERNAME by? TBC  
12 n/a Please provide the mapping table for populating ZCOB_PRXY No longer needed.  Will require Streamline change request to implement if required at future date
13 y KPI 5 '% Rebates paid within correct month

14 y Report Bill-01 - KPIs come from different info providers therefore Bill-01 will need to be split into at least 4 reports Ian to confirm that this will be acceptable to the business and write 4 separate report specifications.
15 n KPI 1008 - tech spec can only be completed once value for 'Shell Error' in 0ORD_REASON is defined Will be resolved by 22.7.05  
16 n KPI 35 and 112 - customers Customers billed within last 12 months (could change to 18)  Not possible  to achieve in BW query. Would require additional database technical specs. Suggest discuss other options - to be reviewed as a potential addition to StBC RIEF already in scope Solution for 'Active Customers' will mirror that of Bill-01, I.e. that the Active customers will be the total of the customers within the scope of the query.
17 n KPI 111 - check Key Figure with Ian Requires clarification from Streamline since definition in report spec. is inconsistent with the KPI database.  Streamline clarified this as a report based upon the payment terms used in the billing documents.  The proceeds measured is the total billed, without regard to collections https://sww-knowledge.shell.com/knowhow/livelink.exe?func=ll&objId=41233327&objAction=Open
KPI 10 & 11 Number & % by reason code - the % is the % of documents with one reason code/total documents of that type. 

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