Sunday, October 3, 2010

BEX WEB(Web Application Designer)

The BEX WEB is a desktop application for creating Web Applications with BW-Specific contents. Using BEX Web, we can create a HTML Page that contains contents such as various tables, charts or Maps. This HTML page(known as web application) provides the basis for not only web application with complex interaction but also for web cockpits and views.
Structure: In addition to the Menu bar and Application toolbar, The Bex Web application Designer consists of 3 main screen areas.
1. The Web Item Window.
2. The Template Window
3. The properties Window.
Web Item Window: The Web items window is a component of the BEx web.
Use: The web items window offers a pool of web items that you can use to create your web application.
A web item is the display type(Tables,Maps,Charts) used to display from a dataprovider and make the data
available as HTML.
The web item window is made up of 2 areas.
1. In the top part of the window, divided onto 2 tabstrips, the selection option categories for web items.
The standard tab contains a selection of master web items.
The library tab contains a list of web items that are save in the library.
Underneath the selection areas is the help area containing explanatory text for the web items that we have selected from the top part of the screen.
2.Template Window:
The template window is a component of the Bex Web Application Designer.
USE; It contains the web templates that we edit in the design process and that form the basis of the web applications.
The HTML page published on the web is called a web application. The web template is the HTML page that we use to determine the structure of the web application.
Structure: At the bottom of template window there are 3 tabs pages, that you can use to change the view of the template or the current HTML Editor.
The Layout Tab; We can determine the layout of the Web Application is the layout view. See designing the layout of web template and context menu in web templates for the available options.
The HTML Page view displays the HTML that corresponds to the layout view.
In HTML View, we can edit the HTML of a web template directly. Alternatively we can also edit the HTML with an external HTML edior.
The Overview Tab Page:
On the Overview tab page, all of the web items are listed with information about the master web item, the data provider and the query or the stored query view.

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