Saturday, October 2, 2010

Query Jump Targets

Jump Queries are pairs of queries that are linked based on given characteristic values. A jump query allows you to automatically access a specific BEx query, An ABAP report, BEX WAD Application, Crystal Reports, Infoset Query, Web Address.
These are also collectively referred as jump targets icon-linking points within a query.
Jump query uses RRI as an interface between the sender and receiver queries. Query jump targets are applicable for calling the following report types:
BW Bex Query, BW Web Application Designer etc.,
RRI,(Report to Report Interface): RRI is a technique used in SAP BW to link reports for Drill-through reporting. It calls a 2nd more detailed report(receiver query) from an initial request(sender query)
It allows the drilled down from infocube to DSO objects for more detailed reporting.
Drill Through(calling): Drill through are calls from a query to another query using RRI. In SAP BW, Drill through are possible through infocube query to infocube query, from infocube query to DSO, Query.........

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