Monday, October 4, 2010

Troubleshooting in Inventory Management

1.    The extractor 2LIS_03_BX is not visible in Logistic cockpit?
       This wont be visible as the extract structure of this is not changeable. Don't worry this wont impact anything.
 2.    The BX extractor setup run is not available thru the SBIW path?
         Use T-code MCNB
 3.    The fields like BWGEO,BWMNG,BWAPPLNM,BWART are not getting populated after the setup table run?
         Please check if the below setting are done in R/3 side.
         A.   Table TBE11 : Maintain Entry 'NDI' with text 'New Dimension Integration' and activate the flag(Note 315880)
         B.   Table TPS01 : Entry should be as below(Note 315880)
                PROCS - 01010001
                INTERFACE  - SAMPLE_PROCESS_01010001
               TEXT1 - NDI Exits Active
         C.   Table TPS31 : Entry should be as below(Note 315880)
                PROCS - 01010001
               APPLK  - NDI
         D.   Tcode -   MCB_  
               In most cases you need to set the industry sector as 'standard'. For more info please see Note 353042
         E.   Tcode -  BF11
               Set the indicator to active for the Business warehouse application entry. This entry may needs to be transported to the production system. (Note 315880)
4.    If the inventory extractors are set in Unsterilized V3 update mode the delta entries for material movements are not shown in Extraction queue (LBWQ)?
       Please check the delta entries in Update records menu (sm13).
5.    Issue with staging the BX extractor data with DSO?
       No DSO possible for BX data. This data directly needs to be loaded to the non cumulative cube.
6.    After BX data load the data is not visible in cub?
       This data won't be visible in cube. After compression this data can be viewed thru reports only.
7.    The inventory data is not matching with R/3 with reference to time period?
        A.    Check if compression is done for the initialization requests properly in cube. The program SAP_REFPOINT_COMPLETE can be used for this.
        B.    If you have not staged UM extractor data then check if material revaluation occurs in your company. If does then load also UM data to cube.
        C.    If the stock amount is showing fine in plant and material level but giving wrong results in more drill down level like storage level or batch, then the stock values are not maintained properly for inter plant movements. For those scenarios we can calculate the stock values in BI from quantity and stock price.
8.    Data mismatch after reloading of non cumulative cube?
       The below process should be followed strictly for data reload.
       A.  Load the BX data. Compress the request with stock marker (uncheck the marker option).
       B.  Load the BF and UM init data. Compress the loads without the stock maker (Check the marker option).
       C.  The future delta loads from BF and UM should be compressed with Stock marker (uncheck the marker option).
9.    Data inconsistency with reference to time characteristics although all the material movements are loaded to cube?
       Check if the validity table is updating correctly. Use T-code RSDV.
10.  How to check the stock data in R/3?
        The below T-code can be used.
        MB5B: Opening and Closing Stock on a posting period
        MB51: Material movement transaction
        MB52: Stock on hand by material, batch, storage location and plant.

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