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A Multiprovider is a type of Infoprovider that contains data from a number of Infoproviders and makes it available for Reporting Purposes.
The Multiprovider doesn't contains any data.
Its data comes entirely from the info providers on which it is based.
These  infoproviders are connected to one another by a Union operation.
Infoproviders and Multiproviders are the objects or views that are relevant for reporting.
A Multiprovider allows you to run reports using several infoproviders that is, it is used for creating reports on more than one infoprovider at a time.
In BI 7 Version Multiproviders can be created using
Infocube(Both Physical/Virtual)
Aggregation Level
In a Multiprovider, every characteristic in each of the infoprovider involved must corresponds to exactly or navigation attribute( where these are available) If it is not clear, at the Multiprovider definition stage, you have to specify to which infoobject you want to assign the characteristic of the Multiproviders.

Types of Multiproviders:
Homogenious Multiproviders:
These consist of technically identical infoproviders, such as infocubes with exactly the same characteristics and keyfigures, where one infocube contains data for 2001. for example and second infocube contains data for 2002. Homogeneous Multiproviders can be used to partition on the modeling level of the info providers.

Heterogenious Multiproviders
These are made up infoproviders that only have a certain number of characteristics and keyfigures is common heterogenious multiproviders can be used to simply the modeling of scenarious by dividing them into subscenarious. Each subscenario is represented by its own infoprovider.

Multiproviders with Non Cumulative Keyfigures:
We should not use more than one non cumulative key figure with atleast one non cumulative keyfigure because this could lead to incorrect query result.

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  1. last statement correction: MultiProviders with Non-Cumulative Key Figures
    You should not use more than one non-cumulative InfoCube (InfoCube with at least one non-cumulative key figure) because this could lead to incorrect query results.

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    Vijay Malyavantham