Saturday, October 2, 2010


Report: The formated output of a query is called Report. In SAP BW a report is the result of the query as viewed in the BEx Browser.
QUERY: It is the combination of Projection (Which), Selection(Which Records), Aggregation (at what level of granulrity)
In SAP BW, query is combination of characteristics and Keyfigures with some conditions. A query is used to a specific Infocube or an ODS object and provides the definition of the data to retrived into a data report.
In SAP BW Queries can be written against
Infocubes: For multidimensional historical summarized data.
DSO : For flat(2 dimensional) reporting with latest detailed data.
Multiproviders; For multi reporting(Reporting users more than one infoproviders.)
Features of SAP BW Queries:
Queries can be stored in workbook.
One workbook contain more than one query.
queries can be assigned to one or more roles.
Exception can be divided for each query.

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