Monday, October 4, 2010


I have loaded master data through DTP. The background job failed with a dump. Now I could not turn the status to red from DTP monitor. As it is not allowing to set the status for master data. As this request is in yellow state system is not allowing me to do another load also.
I tried doing in table RSREQDONE. It is not effecting the changes in DTP monitor.
I looked up in SDN forum there was a post to follow the below steps.

This request sits in table RSBKREQUEST with processing type as 4 in data elements USTATE, TSTATE and this 4 is actually "WIP" status which is obviously wrong.

All we need is, ask your basis person to change the status to 3 in both these data elements.Then you can repeat the load.....Once you repeat the load.......the request status gets updated as "4" in table RSBKREQUEST.
For manually status change you can use the function module RSBM_GUI_CHANGE_USTATE

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